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We accept submissions on a rolling basis. Interested contributors are requested to go through the categories on the website and consider submitting an article/essay for the category that interests them.

Guidelines For Contributions

Ideas: This section is for bringing forth original and provocative pieces of thought. We are looking for new ideas that are capable of changing the nature of our discourse. Your article must be:

  • An essay or an opinion piece.

  • It must be an original answer to a big question; an idea that is capable of developing new thoughts and pushing boundaries. 

  • It can be from the field of science, philosophy, politics, economics, law, etc. 

  • It should be 1200-1500 words. 

  • You must have a clear central argument and the article must be well articulated. 


Culture: This section is a commentary on our society. We are looking for pieces that are an in-depth analysis of human nature, human behaviour, or the broad nature of our civilisation. If you are an observant person who likes to analyse and understand human traits, you are perfect for us! Your piece must be:

  • About a topic that talks about our society, culture, way of living, traits, etc.

  • It must be an analytical exploration of our surroundings and environment.  

  • It can comprise films, art, literature, sociology, anthropology, etc.

  • It should include an in-depth analysis with a historical context.

  • It must be 1200-1500 words. 

  • We request you to preferably stick to one central topic. 


Words: We are constantly looking for new pieces of creative writing. If you have such an itch, we want to hear from you. Send us any of your previously unpublished writing to include in our magazine!  You can send us:

  • Short stories (up to 2000 words)

  • Poems 

Who Can Contribute?

Catharsis Magazine prides itself on being an egalitarian space. Anyone can submit a post to the editorial team for consideration, however, we will only publish work that our editors deem to be of good quality and that comply with our guidelines. 

How to Contribute?

  1. Please send us your submissions through this form. 

  2. If you have any questions, email us at

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