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Whose University Is It Anyway | Ron Srigley

This week’s addition to Sunday Reading List comes from Ron Srigley. Srigley writes a timely essay, critiquing the functioning of Universities today, how it has changed drastically and unnoticed examining the change in power dynamics in a university space, the ever larger role of the ‘administrator’ and the sidelining of the actual ‘academician’.

He also goes on to talk about the world’s overt commercialisation of education and why people almost never question about the big money that is invested in institutions and how this big money is helping anything but “education”. What are they really teaching and what are we actually learning? Why are we paying so much for such minimal education? Who declared the sudden departure of the academician?

Selfishness has become socially respectable these days, but hopefully its hold over us does not completely blind us to the ugliness and stupidity of what we’ve done. In addition to the waste and the political imprudence, it is simply grotesque that our university leaders now profit so excessively from a public institution dedicated to teaching the young at a time when the young struggle beneath historically unprecedented levels of debt and precariousness. That universities are reproducing the worse economic excesses of the culture is one important indication of how far they’ve strayed from their true mandate.

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