Where is the Outrage for Delhi?

This week Greta Thunberg appeared on the Ellen Show and met with Leonardo Di Caprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of her visit to Los Angeles, California where she is participating in various school strikes. In the same week the capital city of India, Delhi faced (still is) one of its worst toxic winters. It is a yearly occurrence – our very own Chernobyl.  If the hypocrisy of the climate change awareness hadn’t really revealed itself completely, Justice Arun Mishra of the Supreme Court of India had to pass scathing remarks against farmers, putting all the blame on them for what is happening in Delhi.

This raises pertinent questions regarding environmental activism. Will Greta Thunberg or her likes ever come to India to at least see the crisis for themselves? Will they even care to comment on the nucleus of all environmental problems? Or will the third world countries, like always, be left behind in this ‘globalist’ campaign?


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