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What the ****!|Vishwajeet Singh

Vishwajeet Singh

Very often do we use slangs

Addressing friends or the rival gangs,

Things may go wrong due to bad luck

Yet we say “What the ****!”

On your birthday you get a precious gift

In delight, you jump and scream in the lift,

One fine day, it gets crushed under a truck,

Terrified! You howl “What the ****!”

You are a potter who’s won a lottery,

You announce “I’ve won, who damn cares about pottery!”

At pubs and discotheques, you spend the million bucks,

Next day you are robbed, you cry “What the ****!”

Your dream girl says “It’s over”

“Gosh! Thank God, she said before I bought her a land rover!”

You are up the whole night as the clock struck,

In the morning, you say, “Boy, I’m single, What the ****!”

Strolling in a park, you steal a flower,

Dreaming about your beloved, you think of a date on Eiffel Tower,

Your dream quashes! Ahh! Park officials saw you pluck

You pay a hefty fine and utter, “What the ****!”

Life is to love and to enjoy

If you try, even in sorrows you’ll find joy,

Love all, don’t kill the black buck!

Or you’ll pay and say, “What the ****!”

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