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We Refugees| Hannah Arendt

Catharsis Magazine brings to you a Sunday reading list. We start with the issue of refugees, given the issue’s magnanimity in global politics currently, and the recent executive order passed by Donald Trump, President of the United States, indefinitely suspending admissions for Syrian refugees and limiting the inflow of other refugees into the United States. In her essay, ‘We Refugees’, Hannah Arendt writes the following:

“I can hardly imagine an attitude more dangerous, since we actually live in a world in which human beings as such have ceased to exist for quite a while; since society has discovered discrimination as the great social weapon by which one may kill men without any bloodshed; since passports or birth certificates, and sometimes even income receipts, are no longer formal papers but matters of social distinction.”

Check out her full essay here, guided by this another essay analyzing and furthering Arendt’s points.

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