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Pedagogy of Debt | Jeffrey Williams

This week’s addition to the Sunday Reading list comes from the desk of Jeffrey J. Williams who is a Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University. Apart from being a teacher of English literature and modern criticism and theory, Williams is also known to be a writer about American University culture.

One of the most important writings in that regard have been his article ‘Pedagogy of Debt’ which is a study into the shift of the nature of university education in the United States and the implications of the ever rising amounts of student debt. In it Williams argues the follows:

Gone are the days when the state university was as cheap as a laptop and was considered a right, like secondary education. Now higher education is, like most social services, a largely privatized venture, and loans are the chief way that a majority of individuals pay for it.

A timely and required reading for our times, you can read the entire essay for free here.

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