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How To Hide It: Inside The Secret World of Wealth Managers | Brooke Harrington

A year ago, the Brothers Obermayer/ier, journalists for Suddeutsche Zeitung exposed the Panama Papers which comprised of 11.5 million leaked (by an anonymous source ‘John Doe’) documents. The Papers had severe political repercussions around the world, exposing finances of brutal dictators like Assad and Putin to leaders of the so called ‘stable democratic nations’ such as Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson of Iceland and the inconspicuous functioning of the banks in Sweden or Switzerland.

The Danish sociologist, Brooke Harrington, who trained for two years as an asset manager and immersed herself in this world, rightly warns of a ‘neo-feudal concentration of wealth’. A small group of rich people, she says, are not only hiding their money and avoiding taxes, they are also evading the law.

Harrington wrote an article in 2016 post the Panama Papers revelation about how the rich and the powerful hide their money in offshore companies and how an internship at Mossack Fonseca might get a law student access to being among the 1% of the world.

Click here to access the article.

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