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Grandpa’s Voyage|Aravind Menon

Aravind Menon

Context: Catharine had some work that day. She left her naughty daughter, Lily with her grandpa. He was the only one who could possibly make her sit through an hour without breaking any stuff. Lily loved to listen to his stories. He could make up stories as and when he wanted. He would be the central character of all the stories that he narrates. So this time, he thought he would narrate the tale of a voyage. (As always, he was the one who went on the voyage.)

The heart yearned to stay afloat,

As I remained, in the capsized boat.

Waves kept rushing past,

As I drifted by, all alone and lost.

It reminded me of the last sunshine,

The enchanting meadows and her flowing locks,

I just can’t give in, I thought;

For then, all shall be lost.

With all the strength, I drew the oar,

Rowed amidst the fog,

A deft oarsman emerged,

Who fought his rival with vigour.

The rival gave in;

The boat steered past,

And the thick grey clouds,

Bowed to the might that surfaced.

The shore was near,

Yet it seemed so far,

To the lover’s heart,

Distraught in severance.

Her teasing eyes and graceful smile,

Kept coming back.

He rowed till the oar broke,

But reached the shore, safe and sound.

Catharine had walked in. “What happened then, Grandpa?” Lily asked.

“Will tell you some other time , my dear” he said.

“But, but… what happened to the boat?”she couldn’t help but ask.

“Have a little patience my child” he answered.

And Catharine took the unhappy child to her home, glad that she didn’t do anything bad.

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