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Film of the Week | My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (2009)

A combination of David Lynch and Werner Herzog is like asking for 100 micro-grams of LSD on your death bed (something which Aldous Huxley did). Produced by David Lynch and directed by Wener Herzong, this film is about a psychopathic loner murderer who during a kayak trip hears God declare his fate, that he will, in a Greek tragedy fashion, kill his mother. Deeply suffering from mental problems, the protagonist, played by Michael Shannon then goes on to kill his mother and takes his swans as hostages, staying inside his desolate house while the SWATs surround his place.

The film reeks of Lynchian subjectivity which is constantly tried to be constrained by Herzog’s objectivity. Almost on the verge of breaking free from Lynch’s dreamy set up, for which is notably famous.

Catharsis rating: 4/5 [simple-payment id=”3959″]

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