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A Parody of All The President’s Men

   After over two years, the Mueller report has finally been sent in, and much to the chagrin of the Democratic party and the liberal media, there was no collusion, as concluded by the Special Counsel. The report puts to rest two year’s of a unnecessary and mindless campaign by the Democratic party and the media.

To start with, let’s be reminded that this was, until now, one of the main claims against Trump as President – that he couldn’t possible have become President and that he did so only with the help of Vladimir Putin. If that doesn’t sound satisfactory for an upcoming Manichean agenda against Trump, worse was the mainstream media trying to convince people that Trump was actually being controlled by Putin. What separated the liberals from the hate spewing conspiracy theorists such as Milo Yiannopolous and Alex Jones in this particular case is hard to gauge.

Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the report mainly answers the questions of Russian interference and obstruction of justice. For the question of Russian interference Barr firstly clears Trump and his campaign officials of any conspiracy or coordination with the Internet Research Agency, which conducted severe disinformation campaigns over social media to, as Barr phrases it, “sow social discord” before the 2016 elections.

Secondly, it clears them of colluding with the Russian government in its hacking operations into the Democratic party officials and mainly Hilary Clinton in order to influence the elections. The first sub-element clears them of influencing a pristine democratic exercise while the second clears them of the allegation of being crooked in their election manoeuvres.

The second element that is the obstruction of justice seems more volatile as Robert Mueller didn’t or rather couldn’t conclude if there was any obstruction of justice by Trump, during the investigation. The facts were gathered but no legal conclusion could be reached, and the same was left to the Attorney General’s office, who immediately cleared Trump of the allegations. This element appears somewhat shaky because Trump was never interviewed by the Special Counsel and the chances of the Attorney General’s clearance would obviously range high given that he enjoys office at the pleasure of the President. Mueller also specifies that the non-conclusion of a crime by Trump doesn’t however, exonerate him. Hence, the Democratic party tried reaching out to the Attorney General for the full disclosure of the report, which was conveniently blocked by Rep. Senator Mitch McConnell.

The Trump administration has deserved little sympathy over the last two years for its unbelievable conduct, but the Russiagate controversy was and will always remain largely a distraction from the real issues that are at stake for the country. Liberals in America have lost out a major battle with the Mueller report’s disclosures, and this surely proves to be a big win for Trump, who never tires out on his ‘fake news’ and ‘liberal media hoax’ rants. He was right in this case, and that is a scary prelude to the 2020 elections.

Trump is the biggest evidence that liberals are facing a serious backlash in America, and concentrating on such trivial issues and making mountains out of molehills simply doesn’t help. Lest we forget, that liberalism is not an ideology of convenience and deserves greater attention to by the liberals themselves and by the Democratic party. What has followed post the 2016 elections was nothing short of liberal hysteria converted into a vile witch-hunting campaign, and an utter disrespect for the rule of law. Late Night Shows are yet to recover from the trauma that is inflicted on them for being proven wrong.

And what has been worse is the argument that Trump mustn’t conduct foreign relations with Putin for better relations, post the allegations of collusion. Two erstwhile sworn enemies trying for better relations – how can that be bad? Trump must be supported in his attempts at getting better relations with Russia. If we are to look at the current North Korean example, we can’t deny that the Trump administration has ushered in serious and significant change for global diplomacy.

 The cloud as it hung over Trump, has now been lifted. An unnecessary battle of ego lands the ball in the devil’s court.


Swagat Baruah is writer/editor for Catharsis Magazine.

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