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подборка|Matya Kaslova

Masha: The Mirror

When creating such work, the only thing that fascinates me is the creation, the search for the meaning in its existence and to harmonize the existence of the reality and what is on the frame.  In this case, I wanted to support the idea of the mirror by shifting to the left the composition of the portrait in order to reveal the whole photo, leave it in its entirety.


I really like laconic and simple images. Gestures on the photo remind me of the decorative application of Henri Matisse. The composition of the portrait is based on Two light spots (on the face and hand). They have an accurate shape, the same size, as if reflecting each other. The contrast of shadow and light, the uncertainty of the gesture of the hands and the bright spots reflect my secrecy.

The Other Half

The longer you know a man, the more you can reveal his image. Words are not enough to describe what I feel for him. His credibility through my eyes.

Friend’s Smile

Romina is one of my best friends and we spend a lot of time together. This picture is a tribute to this happy ever-glowing smiling soul. To convey the fleeting moment of his smile, I used dense framing and the smile appeared just on the edge of the frame, almost threatening disappearance.

Trace of a Serpent

This is one of the first attempts at a “fashion photo”. Eve had no answers when she met the serpent. Inspired from the writings of Nikolai Bazhov.


Before this shoot, I went through a few exhibitions of Terry Richardson, the fashion photographer. So I decided to use a “flash in the forehead” to extrapolate the laconic expression that surrounded my model. It echoed Anya’s indifference since the picture also doesn’t create any sensation.

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