Freelance Contribution

Since we are short on space for full-time writer/editors, we usually prefer freelance contribution. Freelance contributors can submit a piece for any category, but in the manner as prescribed here. The piece will of course be subject to editorial scrutiny and published only if approved. There are no restrictions when it comes to freelance contribution. Anyone and everyone can contribute. Deliverables negotiable.

Full-Time Writer/Editor

You can join us as a full-time writer/editor, the tasks of which broadly include:

  1. Contributing two articles (min.) for any category every month.
  2. Editing as and when required. 
  3. Contributing to any specific category when asked for, a category under which the writer/editor specialises in.

The process for applying to the same is:

  1. Send in your cover letter with the subject titled ‘Writer/Editor Application‘ along with your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV). The message must be addressed to the Managing Editor
  2. Kindly attach an essay/article or an already published piece on any category that interests you. The word limit for the same would be note more than 2,500 words. Advisable that research papers not be submitted.
  3. Let us know which category you’re most passionate about and to which you’d like to regularly contribute. 
  4. Acceptance/rejection letter will be intimated in less than a month.