Thank you for your interest in contributing to Catharsis Magazine!

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. Interested contributors are requested to go through the categories on the website and consider submitting an article/essay for any category that interests them.

Guidelines For Contributions

The submissions could fall under any of the following categories:

  1. Articles (2000-4000 words)
  2. Essays (1500-3500 words)
  3. Blog posts/ Short notes (max. 1000 words)
  4. Book Reviews/Movie Reviews/Album or Song Reviews (1000-3000 words)

We have no restrictions on the language expression, and technical pieces are also welcome, although they must contain links which would help the readers understand certain jargons and concepts better.

Apart from this, we also accept short-film submission under the Amator category and photo album submissions under the Lens category.

  1. The short-film must run for not more than 30 minutes (including credits) and must be uploaded on YouTube (the link of which will be shared).
  2. Interested photographers may submit their albums with a certain theme in mind, comprising of as many photographs as wanted. Please note that the album must have a name indicative of the theme.

Who Can Contribute?

Catharsis Magazine prides itself on being an egalitarian space. Anyone can submit a post to the editorial team for consideration, however, we will only publish work that our editors deem to be of good quality and that comply with the guidelines set out on this page.

How to Contribute?

  1. Email the editorial team at with a draft post. A member of the editorial team will then be in contact to discuss your post and to schedule a date for publication on the website;
  2. Submit your post in Word format only;
  3. A member of the editorial team will then review your post and will provide you with comments and suggested edits;
  4. Once your post is ready, we will then publish it on the website and promote the post via our social media networks.

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