Catharsis Magazine is an online Indian fortnightly magazine. Its first issue came out on January 23, 2017. The magazine aims at covering a wide range of topics, from politics, philosophy, law to cinema, music and sports. It is mostly student run but also has the involvement of professionals, such as filmmakers, advocates, engineers and even psychologists.

The magazine offers a myriad of categories because it believes every one of them are essential not just in the life of a person, but also in the functioning of every country. We encourage frank discussion on topics concerning India and the world at large, frank discussion and critical thinking on caste, minority rights, corruption, gender justice while also encouraging a ‘genuine culture of living’ which can be brought about my music, cinema and literature.

We offer various categories:

  1. The Back Pages (which takes inspiration from Bob Dylan’s song ‘My Back Pages’) category comprises of non-fiction reporting and writing. It is further divided into sub-topics such as politics, law, economics, philosophy, history, sports and science and technology. Opinionated pieces for this category are very welcome.
  2. Symphony category pertains to music, where our writer/editors review albums, songs and artists or even publish theory on music or historical pieces.
  3. The Amator (which takes inspiration from Krzysztof Kieślowski’s 1979 film Amator) category is devoted to film reviews, director/actor reviews. We also publish short-films under this category, the submission procedure for which can be found here. We also have Pick A Challenge as a sub-topic where we suggest lists of films keeping in mind a certain theme or a director or an actor.
  4. Journal is a repository of all opinion pieces which are not published under Back Pages. We have created this category keeping in mind a person’s personal journal in which a person would tend to write his/her personal feelings about almost anything. We publish such personal pieces under pseudonyms for the sub-category Random Musings. We also have weekly updates of music, films and literature to look out for under this.
  5. Words (which takes inspiration from Jean-Paul Sartre’s auto-biography Words) is a category devoted to book reviews and author reviews. We also publish poems and short-stories under this category.
  6. Under the Lens category, we publish photographic exhibitions and travelogues. The submission procedure for the same can be found here.
  7. Under Faces, we publish our interviews with people who have made significant contribution to any of the enlisted categories of the magazine.


Catharsis Magazine is affiliated to the Journal of Political Theory and Philosophy, the Indian Journal of Constitutional & Administrative Law and Qrius Magazine.