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Catharsis Magazine is an online bi-monthly magazine of culture, politics, and ideas. Our first issue came out on January 23, 2017. We aim to examine ideas through rigorous and nuanced analysis. By questioning and challenging the status quo, we desire to imagine an alternative. In addition to this, we also seek to publish well-examined commentaries.  

By welcoming writers from different backgrounds and providing them with a platform, we endeavour to avoid groupthink and predictable analysis. Understanding that intellectual inquiry is required for a functioning society, we wish to bring about thoroughly investigated and well-rounded pieces of writing that are capable of dissecting the culture of our times and apprehend the nature of our society.

More than anything, we believe that conversations about problematic issues are a catharsis which allows us to reflect and develop.

We have five sections:

  1. The Ideas page category comprises long essays and opinion pieces.

  2. Culture page addresses the society and knowledge function of our time.

  3. The Interviews page is where we discuss diverse topics and ideas with relevant experts.

  4. Journal is an exploratory section which discusses subjective experiences.

  5. Words is our literary section which is devoted to new poetry and fiction, along with literary analysis and criticism. 


If you would like to republish one of our pieces online or in print, please email at

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