Violent Cultures of Protest| Abhishruti Sarmah

The police had refused to file an FIR against the ABVP goons for disrupting the session. Instead, they lathi-charged the peaceful protesters who were simply demanding that an FIR be filed. This only proves true what the ABVP goons had chanted “Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hain, Police Hamare Saath Hain.” The police had abused the protesters, bashed them, and forced them into a bus that took them around Delhi for at least two hours. Section 144 was rumoured to have been declared by the Delhi Police in the University campus. Reports from that night were scary and disturbing. The ABVP goons were supposedly roaming around the campus armed with sticks, identifying students present in the protest, in college hostels and PGs in and around the campus. A message for the north campus students who were part of the protests was doing rounds in the social media, instilling fear and intimidating them by asking them to leave the campus lest they be attacked. The Delhi Police seemed least bothered about the safety or security of the students who were offended by the disruption of the session.

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