Kallol|Aniket Sawant, Kshitij Patil and Ameya Patil

Synopsis:  Our mind has a powerful impact on how we see things around us, how we perceive them. If we are happy we see the happy aspects of the world. The same thing holds true for chaos. Chaos in the mind is reflected in the world outside of us. With chaos come uncertainty, insecurity and fear. Kallol is a mindscape of a man plunged into chaos because of a sudden negative change in his life. Kallol is the projection of this man’s chaos and insecurities on to the city.

Genre: Alternative

Language: Marathi

Release Date: May 31st, 2016

Name of cast: Ameya Patil, Soham Kulkarni, Sai Kulkarni and Amreen Shaikh

Written by: Aniket Sawant, Kshitij Patil and Ameya Patil

Shot by: Aniket Sawant and Kshitij Patil

Sound and Editing by: Aniket Sawant and Ameya Patil

Directed by: Aniket Sawant, Kshitij Patil and Ameya Patil

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| Stronger the issues, more powerful the catharsis.